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Company Introduction

Intelligent marketing, by design.

Fast Forward is a fully integrated fintech and blockchain business development and marketing agency.

Experienced and committed to excellence, we know how to launch and promote technology companies globally, creating and delivering sustainable growth solutions for ventures of every scale and scope.

As a truly international business, we understand the dynamics of local, regional and continental marketing flow, and can assist companies at any stage of their development lifecycle.

Efficiency and integrity drive us. Our future-focused, tactical sales and marketing initiatives are crafted using a combination of in-depth market insight and intelligence.

Fast Forward’s multi-faceted marketing solutions are designed by specialists to strategically instil investor confidence, simultaneously conveying to your customers that you are secure, stable and reputable, and have a clearly defined and realistic roadmap and growth plan.


Our team at Fast Forward comprises of a group of experienced marketing, business development and management professionals, each of whom has serviced the technology and blockchain industries globally.

“The decision to form Fast Forward came from a realisation that very few companies are taking the right approach when it comes to developing and marketing evolving technology ventures.”

Jamie Sergeant, Executive Director

Fast Forward is proud to be supported by a specialist blockchain and marketing advisory panel. Key members guide UK government blockchain policy and Asian marketing industry best-practice.

Our Team

About Us Board Jamie

Jamie Sergeant

Executive Director

Jamie Sergeant is a leading British digital entrepreneur, creative industries influencer and respected university lecturer. His global thinking, ability to spot and incubate raw talent, and identification of market potential have been key to his commercial expansion into major international markets these past six years.

As well as being Executive Director of Fast Forward, he is the Founder Director of Bournemouth-based, multi-award winning, digital marketing and branding agency, Crowd. Jamie’s recent inroads into Asia have drawn accolades from the UK Government, and he was recently commissioned to become a global creative industries ambassador and strategic member of the Promote UK (URL) alliance. In partnership with Crowd, Fast Forward currently operates in 12 major cities worldwide.

Brian Scudder

Co-Founder & Global Head of Communications

Brian understands digital disruption.

His insight into the application of future technologies is sought after by the largest financial concerns in the City of London, and beyond. His communications campaigns are used by Fortune 500 companies to sell advanced technology solutions globally to entire industries.

Specialising in blockchain and DLT from the industry’s infancy, Brian brings journalists, academics, designers, translators, animators and film-makers together, often in hostile environments, to dominate global conversations.

The written and visual assets Brian’s teams create are used by some of the most successful technology companies in the world.

Our Advisors

Fast Forward is proud to work with some of the most experienced and influential marketing and blockchain specialists globally.

Sara Simeone, Adam Hopkinson and James Welch joined the Fast Forward Special Advisory Board in 2019.

“Fast Forward’s Special Advisors are an exceptionally important part of our company DNA. We love to work with great people with a passion for excellence,” said Jamie Sergeant, Executive Director.

“Fast Forward is all about forward thinking people, and by having exceptional advisors on board, we can, as an expanded team, offer comprehensive and market relevant marketing insights, business development guidance and intelligent marketing solutions.”

Contact Fast Forward and learn how our team can support your business, contact us.

Sara Simeone

Sara Simeone is a technology industry mentor, strategist and growth management specialist with a particular strength in the optimisation and commercial development of early stage, rapid-development tech businesses.  As a respected strategist, she works with a portfolio of leading global Accelerators, Incubators and VC professionals, tracking companies’ progress and maturity and co-developing programmes that both nurture potential and offer 360-degree support to innovative early stage ventures. Helping companies to structure an appropriate team and technology framework, Sara has a track record of propelling companies to the next level of profit and efficiency.  Practical experience includes: managing and mentoring senior teams; negotiating multi-million pound contracts; guiding companies to achieve maximum results without compromising team morale; P&L management.  In 2018, Sara Simeone published her master thesis on how machine learning and blockchain will have an impact one the future of digital marketing. She was one of the first marketers in the world to publish a piece on the topic.  This piece of  research gave her access to several professional opportunities: mentoring startups at CV Labs in Crypto Valley (Switzerland); consulting for emerging technology companies in the UK and abroad; lecturing at Manchester University as Associate Lecturer of Digital Marketing Strategy.

James Welch

James is an experienced adtech and marketing consultant turned digital business transformation consultant. James is now based in London with experience in the last 13 years across APAC (based in Sydney then Singapore) and the Middle East (based in Dubai).

James consults on commercial growth through digital media, marketing transformation and re-organising of business processes. Often, ‘quick wins’ include data management and audience segmentation.

James launched his career in the econometrics team at JWT Media in London. He has built his 21-year career on this platform where measurement and data-usage underpin every project.

About Us Board James
About Us Board Adam

Adam Hopkinson

Adam has worked in the digital media sector since 1992.

From an early interest in writing in HTML and publishing projects, his career rapidly advanced. In between running commercial teams at advertising agencies, digital publishers and at tech intermediaries, he has strategically created media opportunities for the world’s largest advertisers and media owners.

Adam’s core interest lies in communications and how to make commercial comms more engaging and efficient. This interest led him to found two Blockchain-based media businesses, their goal being to solve latency and unnecessary supply chain issues.

Adam now advises businesses, at board level, on how to deliver digital excellence.

“I am delighted to be part of the team at Fast Forward. The philosophy of the Blockchain mirrors the company’s mission, which I admire. Truth, transparency and trust. It is refreshing to support a venture with such strong positive values.”